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keynote speaker and humor specialist


keynote speaker and humor specialist


keynote speaker and humor specialist
keynote speaker and humor specialist

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Exceptional Customer Service

Building a Professional Relationship Together.

Jan Stafford is an entertaining speaker and professional presenter who presents programs for business audiences.While many customer service programs apply only to staff who deal
directly with customers, we will show you how to get in your organisation
committed and focused on delivering firstclass customer service and satisfaction.

You'll learn how to make satisfying each customer your staff's #1 goal.

And the result?
Customers will enjoy exceptional service and support that makes them
want to come back again and again!

If keeping customers coming back over and over again is important to you,
then your staff could definitely benefit from this training program.
  • Learn how to deliver service that gets customers raving.
  • Discover what customers really want when asking for service.
  • Understand the different levels of expectation and how to deliver them.
  • How to create a customer service culture within the team.
  • How to make each customer feel important and appreciated
    • Mastering the art of "active listening"
    • How to say "no" to customers without making them angry or antagonistic
    • New ways to make a powerful first impression in person and on the telephone

Session 1

  • Every one is a customer and customer service is everyone’s responsibility
  • Championing Customer Service
  • Who are your internal and external customers
  • Defining customer service success
  • Why having customer service mindset and attitude has a positive effect on your work.

Session 2

  • Introducing Emotional Intelligence from a Customer Service perspective
  • Understanding yourself and your own behavioural style
  • Understand and identify the behavioural styles of others, including your customers
  • Define what type of service each behavioural style wants and expects
  • How to expand your service and communication skills to get on with as many people as possible

Session 3

  • It's not what you say, it's how you say It. Tone and etiquette
  • Appreciate the power of words
  • How to use language patterns to effectively communicate with others
  • Vocal and verbal techniques to stand out on the telephone
  • How to communicate using e-mail to get your message across (and get read)

Session 4
  • Road Blocks—when the going gets rough
  • Complaints are a gift
  • How to recognise and respond to upset customers
  • Understand the psychology of anger (and how to dealwith it)
  • The importance of using a service recovery system toturn around difficult situations
Jan Stafford - Professional Development and Coaching Facilities.
P. O. Box 1592, Hervey Bay Queensland Australia
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